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What is the AP EXAM:

The AP exam is a United States College Board exam that is meant to judge Advanced Proficiency in Language, History, English, Science and much more.  The exams are created and run by the College Board of Education for the Dept of Education in the United States and are used to give College credits in advance to incoming students from high school for their Advanced knowledge in each of the specific subjects areas.  The AP exams are only meant for those who desire to study in a University in the United States and are ONLY transferable Internationally to certain American Universities abroad.  Click here to see which Universities in Italy accept the AP Exam and CreditsIf you click on Select University, you can see the Universities that accept the AP exam.

The Italian AP Exam is meant for those who have an advanced proficiency level of Italian, often achieved after 5 years of vigorous study of Italian, Italian History, Culture, Art, Literature, Science, Current Events, and much more before and during the four years in a High school or another educational institution or setting.  

The Italian AP Exam is often promoted by outside institutions, such as the Italian Consulates throughout the United States and other institutions, as a way to promote the study of the Italian Language in High Schools in the United States, but they do not accredit teachers nor courses.  They only promote the exam.  Only the College Board can give accreditations to teachers and courses.  Without this exam and its influence, the Italian Language will not survive in High Schools throughout the U.S. and will no longer be offered.  No other institutions, however, other than the College Board in the United States and accredited High Schools can authorize the study for the AP Exams and can give accreditation to courses. 

Often parents and students are not aware of how much study and preparation an AP exam requires and can find themselves in a situation, where they rely on the Teachers and facilitators of the exams to assist in the success of the students.  The exams measure much more than just language proficiency.  There is an expectancy of comprehension and understanding of not only the language, but also the culture, history, and much much more.  Students are expected to know many details about different historical events, literature, poets, musicians, science, current events, and culture full in depth and with great detail.


What We offer:

  • We offer tutoring for AP exam preparation and can help your High School and Middle School child/children prepare better for the exam and for the future!  (Please note that it is an intensive exam and does often take 5 years of language learning and serious preparation in order to receive a score of 3 or higher on the exam.  The Exam Scale/Score is 1 to 5.  Students must receive a score of 3 or higher in order to receive credit and be accepted by the College Board, in order to receive college credits. 

  • In the future, we hope to offer accredited courses in AP for Italian through the high schools in the Pittsburgh area and the Dept. of Education here in Pittsburgh.

  • In the future, we hope to offer the AP exam at our institution and to become an AP exam location to make things more accessible to students in Pittsburgh.  

  • In the Meantime, we can guide your children in the right direction towards a better, full and complete understanding of all that is necessary for the exam and give them a greater chance of receiving a higher score on the exam by offering them advanced proficiency in the Italian Language, Culture, History, Current Events, and all else that is necessary for them to do well!