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Frequently Asked questions:

1) I can no longer attend the courses at La Scuola d"Italia Galileo Galilei due to a conflict in my schedule or illness, can I take the course at another time or gift them to someone else?


  • Yes, you can absolutely take the course at another time or gift them to someone else.  We will offer you a chance to use the credits towards either private lessons until the amount paid runs out, or you may absolutely take the course at another time.  If you want to gift your credits for the course to another, you may do that as well.  (If the amounts are not the same, the difference will need to be paid), but you may absolutely give them to someone else.

2) I can no longer attend the courses at La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei due to a conflict in my schedule, or illness can I have a refund for the part of the Semester that I did not use?

  • No, Unfortunately at this time, La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei is not able to give refunds for courses past the first week of class/the end of the registration period.  You may, however, take a look at question #1 and #3 to see your other options for using your course credits.

3) I can no longer attend courses, can I use my course credits in the future to Study Abroad?

  • Yes, you may absolutely use your course credits towards any one of our Summer Study abroad Programs.  You will only receive credit, however, for the amount remaining on your account.  If there is a difference in cost, you will need to make the remaining payments to cover the difference after you register for the program, and by the end of the final payment due date.



4) What happens if La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei cancels my course due to low enrollment or for any other reason, can I get a refund or can I transfer the funds to another students (my child's) account and pay for them?

  • If for any reason we cancel a course due to low enrollment or another reason on our part, you will be able to receive a full refund of the amount paid on your account up until that point, for that cancelled course.  You will not receive any addition funds that have not yet been paid for that cancelled course or for any other course that has not been cancelled.

  • If for any reason we cancel a course and you prefer to use your paid funds towards another course or our Study abroad program, you may do so.  We will simply credit the portion paid to that other course or program and adjust your account accordingly and will ask you to pay the difference (after the credit) based on your chosen payment plan.  

  • If for any reason we cancel a course and you prefer to use your paid funds towards another students' account (or your child's account), you may do that as well.  Just inform us of the account and students' name, in which you would like to credit, and we will gladly transfer the money and credit the other students' account for the amount that has been paid by you.

5) How long does a course last?

  • Each course is set up to last a Semester (4 months), with a continuing course the following semester (also 4 months), which is why you can sign up for an entire year (If so desired).  The Fall Semester begins in September and will run until mid December, and the Spring Semester Begins mid January and will run until mid May. 

  • The After School Program will follow the school year calendar, and will run when Winchester Thurston is open.  If Winchester Thurston is closed for any reason, then we will be closed as well; This includes all Snow Days, Cancellations, and half-days of school due to weather or other events.

6) Can I sign up for an entire year or do I need to sign up for just a Semester at a time and if I do that, do I need to pay everything upfront?

  • Yes, you may register for an entire year of a course or per semester (it is really your choice).  if you do register for an entire year, and if there are different levels to be considered, then you will automatically be registered for the following level of that course the continuing semester.


  • If you register for an entire year, you do not need to pay for the entire year upfront, unless so desired.  We have several different payment options to choose from to make things easier for you.  You can pay monthly, per semester or yearly.  You may also have your payments made automatically for the Semester, monthly or per Year so you can just set them up or we can set them up for you, and you no longer have any worries.  We will take care of the rest.

7) Can I pay with cash or check or e-check or do an automatic bank payment or do I need to pay with a credit card?

  • You can most certainly pay with cash, check, e-check or through an automatic bank payment and/or with a credit card at the beginning of each month or at the beginning of each Semester or once per year (It is your choice).    

  • If you desire to pay in person (by cash or check) and cannot make it to one of our registration sessions to pay prior to the first day of classes, Please on the first day of classes, arrive at least 30 mins prior to the course start time to make payments in person to be sure that we can process the payment before the course begins.  Also, if you are paying cash, please be sure that you bring an exact amount of payment, because we CANNOT guarantee change

  • If you are making payments online, just follow our instructions in the email that you will receive and make sure that your automatic payments are set up correctly, otherwise there will be late payment charges and fees.  Check our our TERMS AND CONDITIONS  to know more about late payments and fees.

  • If you ask us to deduct the payments automatically, we will be happy to set this up for you.

  • If you would like to know more about form of payment and how to pay, please see our response to question #10.

8)  Can I pay automatically from my own Personal Bank account, and have the payments sent directly to La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei?

  • Yes, you may have the payments sent automatically from your own personal bank account, just make sure that you add your account number and fill out our address information correctly, then choose a date that is slightly before the due date, so that your payments are considered on time.  All payments must be postmarked by the due date or a late fee will be charged.  Your bank will then distribute a check to us on that date chosen.

  • As soon as payment is received, we will credit your account with us.

9) Why do you need my credit card information at registration?

  • We need your credit card information at registration for identification and back-up purposes; in case payments are not made, or late payments are to be made and charged to you.

  • However, if you clearly expressed your desire on the registration form to pay directly to us with your credit card, then your credit card will be billed accordingly to your desired payment choice selection noted on the form. 

  • Otherwise, and only if a payment is not made, we reserve the right to charge your credit card the amount due, 5 days after a payment is due, and is not received.  If you pay the bill that is due after the due date, your credit card will only be charged if that is your desired method of payment or if you do not make a payment at all.  

  • Otherwise, we will not use your credit card for any other means, purpose, or matter beyond a missing payment or desired method of payment.

10)How can I register?

  • You can register on our website or by mail.  You can fill out the registration form online under the designated course registration page desired or you can download our registration form and send it in by mail to us at:

La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei, Inc.

4152 Saline St.

Pittsburgh, Pa 15217


11) What happens after I register? How do I pay?

  • Once you register online or by mail and we receive your registration form, you will receive a response from us within 48 hours in an email with your account number, a link to your chosen method of payment (thru Paypal or Dwolla), or a possible invoice that you can print and mail into us with your check payment or that you can bring in with you in person, if your preferred payment is cash or check.

  • If your preferred payment is credit card, we will charge your credit card number that you have given to us on your registration form (the amount due based on your course selection and your payment plan selection), unless you notify us in person or by phone of another credit card number that you would prefer to use for payment in the future, or unless you notify us that you would like to pay through paypal, in that case we will send you a link and invoice with your payment due date; OTHERWISE we will send you a receipt and copy invoice with your satisfied payment

  • If your preferred method of payment is e-check,  we will send you an invoice with a link to Dwolla, where you can send your payment through e-check directly to us.  (You do NOT need an account to send us an e-check through Dwolla)

  • If you have another preferred method of payment, such as bank online automatic payments, paypal or other, please let us know and we will try and satisfy your payment desires, and will pass on the information necessary to do so.

12) Do I need an account to pay with paypal or Dwolla or other systems of payment?

  • Yes, you need your own account to pay through Paypal, and we are not responsible for issues or any problems with payments through paypal.  If for some reason, the payment does not go through, we will notify you of payment still due.

  • No, you DO NOT need an account with Dwolla or any of the other companies that we will use to transmit the payment to us.  We have done all of the work and created our own accounts with them. Just click on pay as a guest.

13) If I am not sure what level of Italian is my level, how do I know?

  • If you are unsure of your level, you can contact us directly at and we can test you.

  • Or you can take a look at the following document that explains better how to decide your level. Click here

14) If I am trying to determine the level for my child, how do I know which level to enroll them in? 

  • If your child has never studied Italian before, then you should enroll them in the beginner level.

  • If your child is a native Italian or has studied some Italian before then you should enroll them in the advanced level for children of Native Italians.  We will request an interview with you, the parents/guardians, and the child/children to better understand their knowledge and level of Italian. When we have a better idea of all of the different age groups and levels of all of our students we will form a class particularly for them.

  • Note that we are also offering classes for children of Native Italians that follows the curriculum and studies in Italy.  We will be using the Italian books FantaParole from La Spiga for elementary aged students until the 5th year.  If your child is in the Middle school or high school, we have other Italian books that we will use to teach them Italian, History, Math, Science, Geography, Technology, Literature, ect as if they were studying in Italy.  

  • Note that all of our classes for children of Native Italians for all of the different grade levels and age groups will not only study Italian, but will also study History, Math, Science, Geography, Technology, Literature ect, based upon their age and grade level of Italian.