Is a scholarship fund in honor of my (Angela Hertz, M.A.) grandmother, who was a huge supporter of my learning the Italian language, studying abroad and living in Florence Italy, and my desire to recapture our families History. I spent many an hour talking with my grandmother about our family history, where we came from in Gamberale, Italy, and why our family came to the U.S.

My grandmother was born in the United States 4 months after her parents had become American Citizens, and as a result she technically lost her rights to Italian citizenship, unlike her 5 siblings born before her. And even though everything about her was very Italian, including her Name: Giuseppina, and the language that she spoke, when she started Kindergarten, they stripped her of that as well, and she was forced to become Josephine.

My grandmother always hated the fact that her teachers changed her name, and did not allow her to be Italian, to speak Italian, nor to use her Italian name. She was forced to become 100% American, and to leave her Italianness behind her.

Though every one's family history is different, and everyone has their own unique story about how and why they came to the United States, this fund is meant to help those:

  • Families who want to recapture their studies of their Italian History, Language and Culture, but cannot afford to do so on their own.

  • Italian Americans (of all ages) who want to Study Abroad in Italy through our program because they want to recapture their Italian History and Language, but cannot afford to do so on their own.

  • Italian Americans and Families (adults must accompany children under 18) who want to learn more about their Italian History privately through us, by travelling and touring their families hometown with us or arranged by us, as well as having research done for them, while studying the italian Language with us in our study abroad program. (Meant for those who are unable to afford the costs to do so on their own)

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The Giuseppina Bellisario (I can keep my Italian Name) Scholarship Fund