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Private Lessons

Don't See what fits into your schedule from any of the Programs above.  Then come Sign up for Private Lessons with us, and we will teach you Italian or English at your own time and on your own convenient schedule.  Bring a friend for a nice discount!  In the end, you can take lessons for 1 day a week, two days a week, or three days a week for 1 hr or 2 hrs each lesson.  It is all up to you!!! You choose, you decide!!


Can't make a lesson, we will conveniently reschedule with you at a later time.

Study Abroad in Italy Programs

Our Study Abroad in Italy Programs are meant for all ages and students levels, who would like to study Italian, while traveling throughout Italy.  We offer several different two-week programs that can be combined to study for 4 weeks and six weeks as well.  Each two week session covers several different hotel stays, visits to different cities, courses for two hours each morning Monday thru Friday, and several other course offerings, such as an Advanced Course, A Cultural Course, and A Cooking class that are all in the afternoon or evening twice a week at different times and different days.  You do NOT need to be from the area in order to sign up!

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

Our English as a Second Language (ESL Courses are meant for all adults and families alike who would like to study and improve their English Language Skills.  There will be several different levels offered all during the week, and on Saturdays.  These courses will follow the same style and time-frame as the Adult and Family Courses in Italian.

Adult Courses

Our Adult Courses are meant for Adults only who wish to study Italian with other Adults.  We offer four different levels from Beginner to Advanced and several different courses, each an hour long.  Most courses are either two or three days a week, with a Saturday option  for those who can not attend during the week.

After School Program

Our After School Italian Language Program is meant for K-12 students (both American and Italian Natives), who want to study Italian everyday after school and/or on Saturdays.  There will be several different age groups of classes, and two different levels offered for beginners and for more advanced students (who are children of Italians).

Family Courses

Our Family Courses in the Italian language are meant for all family members, and all age groups, who would like to study and learn the Italian Language together.  In the Fall Semester, all levels are beginner levels, until we create a students base for a beginner II level in the Spring.