Friday May 13th

Friday June 24th

Friday July 1st

Friday June 3rd

Friday may 27th

All Films will be shown in the Hilda Willis Room at 

Winchester Thurston Upper School at 7:30PM,

doors will open at 7:10PM

These Films are for educational purposes only.

Copyright La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.

Friday APRil 29th

Friday April 15th

Friday February 19th

Friday February 26th

Friday March 4th

All Films will be shown in Italian with English subtitles

You may click on the Film flyer below to see the Trailer

Friday January 22nd

Friday January 8th

Friday november 6th

Friday December 11th

Friday October 9th

Friday September 25th

Friday October 30st

Italian film night 2015-2016

Friday September 18th