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Have you ever wanted to Learn Italian while traveling through italy?

Now you Can!!!

By traveling with us!

Our Study Abroad Program is made up of 3 two-week programs, that are set up to be consecutive and continually joined together to make a one-month or a Six-week program as well.  

The CHOICE is yours!!!

All you need to do is tell us that you wish to sign up for a two-week, one-month, or six-week program, which sessions you prefer, which additional courses, if any, and we do the rest!  You DO NOT need to be local in order to travel with us because we will meet in Italy directly!!  

There are several different courses to choose from, which will differ in material based on the two-week session and area of Italy chosen.  Each Two-Week Session will offer a standard Travel Language Course, that will allow you to learn Italian while traveling through Italy.  You will immerse yourself in the Italian Language and experience Italy through a more native-eye.   (If you continue with a four-week or six-week Program, these courses will expand and elaborate more and more with everyday language, speaking, and conversation, further enhancing your Italian experience and knowledge of the language  as you travel along through the different regions and areas of Italy.)

In addition to these Travel Language Courses, we will also offer in each two-week Program:

An Advanced Language- That will be specifically structured and designed for advanced language students who want to get even more out of their language experience.  Each course will be held 2 days a week in the afternoons.

A Cultural Course- That will be specifically structured and offered both in English and in Italian for students who want to explore more deeply the Art History, Architecture, Art works, Politics, Culture, etc, exploring many of the local sites, monuments, museums, and other hidden treasures in each specific area with a Guided Tour for each Lesson.  Each course will be held two days a week in the afternoons.

A Cooking Class- That will be specifically structured to offer traditional and local cooking secrets.  Each two-week session will explore traditional recipes of the specific area in Italy and will be designed to allow all students to have not only access to great recipes and secrets to good cooking, but it will offer language learning, Italian Culture, lots of great food to eat for that evening, and so much more.  These courses will be offered in Italian, but there will be assistance for those who need assistance with some English.  Each course will be held two days a week in the afternoons.

In addition to these courses, each two-week session will offer travel to different sites and different nearby cities with guided tours and lots of great information.  Each Tour and trip will be included in the cost of the two-week session.

Study Abroad

Program in Italy

REgistration HAS BEGUN!!! 

and will end February 28th 2015

(We will allow late registrations only if space is still available on the trip. So register early to guarantee a spot)