Your children will not only learn great fluency in Italian, but also many cultural and historical aspects of Italy as well.  These courses and camps are full of interactive activities that will give them great opportunities to practice their new language skills in a relaxing and fun environment!

Camps are separated for Beginner levels and Avanzato/Madrelingua levels (description in Italian).  

For Program information and camp details click here.

All courses are located at Winchester Thurston Lower School, 555 Morewood Ave.

(Location may change if we have opened our new location in time! It will still be in Shadyside.)


Come sign your children up for the BEST Summer Italian language Program out there!!

You may sign your children up for as many sessions as you like, either Full time or Part time or you may sign them up for the morning Beginner Course in Italian only from 9am-11am or the Avanzato/Madrelingua Courses or Camps.

There are 4 total themes for each level and classes.  Themes will be selected by Teachers.

If you are interested in a particular theme over another, you can tell us your preference, and we will notify the teacher, but all themes are at the teacher's discretion  and depend on the level of the students and numbers.

Please note that the Avanzato/Madrelingua themes are different from the Beginner Themes.



Session 1: June 13th - 17th

Session 2: June 20th - 24th

Session 3: June 27th - July 1st


Session 4:  July 4th - 8th

Session 5: July 11th - 15th


Session 6: Aug 8th - 12th

  HOURS (for each session):  


                 (Full Time)      (Part Time)

                  9am-3pm         9am-12pm

   COURSES only (for each session):                                9am - 11am             

All courses are taught by Highly Qualified, Excellent Educators, who have lots of experience teaching children of all ages.

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FULL TIME             $ 150  (per session)

PART TIME             $ 120  (per session)

COURSE ONLY      $ 80   (per week)