New 10 lesson Beginner Travel Course: for only $170 total

We are offering 10 lessons beginner Travel Course, for those who just want the basics and to have enough Italian to get around in Italy.  This course is structured after Angela Hertz, M.A.'s Osher Lifelong Learning Travel Course, that she has been offering in the Osher Dept. for 6 years now, only better!  There is NOW A LEVEL 2 TRAVEL COURSE, for those who want to continue their Travel Studies!

  • This course is only 10 lessons, 10 Thursday evenings from 6pm - 7:20pm starting Thursday Feb. 19th and will run thru May 7th.
  • Check our Course Catalog for the days and times of this course for 2015-2016!
  • The Membership discount is not valid in this case, since the price is already discounted.

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