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La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei, Inc. is an Italian Language School and Cultural Associations and a non-profit corporation with 501 (c)(3) approval and considered a public charity. 

All gifts, donations or other offers to us are tax-deductible for those who gift them. 


​Proudly included in the Network of Italian Cultural Associations listed by

The Italian Consulate of Philadelphia


On May 22, 2014, La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei was founded by three professionals, with exceptionally strong ties to Italy and to the Italian and Italian-American communities in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.  We are Instructors, Educators, a Lawyer, Scientist and Researcher who are deeply passionate about spreading the Italian Culture and Language in the Pittsburgh area and throughout the United States.  We are Italian and Italian American Citizens, who want to create a new opportunity for the Community and for the surrounding areas, allowing Italian to finally make its mark in the Pittsburgh area! 


The mission of La Scuola d'Italia Galileo Galilei, Inc., a non-profit organization, is to create a K-12 International Italian Language School in Pittsburgh that is recognized, both by the Italian and International Governments as well as the United States and the State of Pennsylvania, that will promote and preserve the study and spread of Italian art, culture, history, and language through academic instruction, research, and extracurricular opportunities for personal enrichment and exploration in the Pittsburgh area.


Through its comprehensive, dynamic, and multifaceted courses and its use of effective and interactive teaching methods, La Scuola d’Italia Galileo Galilei endeavors to achieve the following objectives while contemporaneously furthering its mission: ​

  • To provide a positive learning environment

  • To provide substantive knowledge

  • To impart practical skills

  • To create socio-cultural competencies

  • To provide students with a global perspective and to increase awareness

  • To have fun while learning


Our Goal is to offer a wide array of dynamic, interactive, immersive, and cultural educational programs and activities that focus on the Italian language and the art, the culture, and the history of Italy.   We aim to serve diverse student populations and to make our courses accessible to all who have a desire and an interest to learn more about the richness and the beauty of the Italian language and Italy, as well as those who want to travel abroad, and who want to be in touch with their Italian origins and to feel more Italian.  In time, we hope to offer many more programs in Italian, including a summer camp for children, a daycare, and much much more.


In this process, we hope to regain a lost culture in the Pittsburgh area and to offer something unique and wonderful to the community.

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